bathroom tiling

Tiles are the crucial components in giving your bathroom the look, style, and feel that you have in mind. So, selecting and installing the tiles are two crucial phases in every interior design. However, choosing the proper tiles might be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know a thing or two about tile installation. To help you get started, here are a few tips about bathroom tiles:

  • The tile size is dependent on the bathroom size— as a rule, your bathroom size always sets as the basis of your tile size. For instance, choosing larger tiles for your tiny bathroom is always a smart idea, because this will definitely make the space appear bigger.
  • You must buy extra tiles — sometimes, tiles could get damaged during the installation phase or your estimate would not be as accurate as you thought it was. Thus, having extra tiles with you is actually a smart move to avoid delays in the project.
  • Let your creativity run loose — since a bathroom remodel is a big investment, you must make sure that you pour your heart and soul in conceptualising and putting together all the designs you want for your dream bathroom. Don’t be afraid to go with bold colours or settle for unique patterns.

Our company guarantees that you will get not only professional results, but also the best bathroom reno experience. Our team of builders can surely get your dream bathroom come to life with our tiling installation services.